These are early conference papers published in February 2001 and 2002 presented at the Bristol University International Unmanned Air Vehicles Conference in the U. K., in April of the those years.
Coanda - A New Airspace Platform for UAVs;
Coanda Flight Controls;

Welcome to the Coanda disk aircraft development site.

This site is devoted to the research and development of disk aircraft for unmanned air vehicles, (UAVs) and in particular, those that depend to a large degree on the Coanda effect.

Learn about the history - why is it a disk, how does it fly - how lift is created and how it is steared and propelled. How is it differant to a helicopter. Power units etc.

Learn what its intended use is as an Unmanned Air Vehicle. Learn about related Coanda disk air platform projects such as ZigZag, Sweeper, GroundHog and Retiner.

Learn about experiments and read engineering reports. You will be able to download schematics, computational fluid dynamic and CAD models.

Link to other engineers and students researching this developing flight technology.

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Site up-dated, March 2013.

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Dictionary of special terms and symbols;
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Coanda disk Aircraft.
The Coanda disk aircraft research site.
Sweeper, GroundHog and Retina - IED location subsystem concept;
Published research notes;
Papers awaiting release;
Poster paper; "Sweeper" , a remote IED, UAV location sub-system;
Early concept model;


Engineering Research Report23 Rev0A;