Airspace. The space in which aircraft normally operate.
Coanda effect. An aerodynamic effect discovered by Henri Coanda.
Compeller. The name given to the special disk fan used to accelerate air over the upper (Coanda) surface.
Director. The name given to the means by which the aircraft may be rotated about its vertical axis and to direct the direction of flight.
. A fluid mechanical effect wherein a fluid surrounding a fluid stream is drawn into the stream.
Eye, Compeller. The centre portion of the Compeller through which the main volume of air is drawn into the Compeller.
IED, Improvised Explosive Device.
Mission. A precise statement defining an operation.
MTBF/MTTF. Mean Time Between Failure or Mean Time to First Failure
Perch and Peer. The ability to temporarily rest and observe and record or relay to a base station.
PWM. Pulse Width Modulation. A method of controlling electric motor speed of rotation.
RPM. Revolutions per Minute.
Separator. The name given to the means by which the airflow from the Compeller may be detached from the Coanda surface to control lift and to vary the lift on one side to effect translational flight.
Torque cancellation. The requirement to counter engine torque to ensure rotational stability about axis of rotation.
UAM. Urban Area Monitoring.
UAV Unmanned Air Vehicle
UFO. Unidentified Flying Object (humorous!)
VTOL. Vertical Take Off Landing

Coanda disk aircraft dictionary of special terms.
BMs Buried Munitions,
IR Infrared,
UAV Unmanned Air Vehicle,
OA Obstacle Avoidance,
m Metre,
mm Millimetre,
IC Internal Combustion (engine),
h Hour,
< Less than,
> Greater than,
Rx Receive,
Tx Transmit.
NBC Nuclear Biological Clothing.
Coanda disk Aircraft.


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