Coanda disk Aircraft.
Coanda disk aircraft dictionary of special symbols.

Uy                 Vertical, Y axis component of air velocity.

uy1                 Mean air velocity determined over the area of a disk.

a and b       Limits of integration.

PD                   Dynamic pressure.

r                      Air density.

SD                   Area of a disk of radius b.

FL1                  A component of negative lift.

uy2                 Mean air velocity determined over the area of an annulus.

SA                Area of an annulus of minor and major radii a and b respectively.

FL2                  A component of positive lift.

PI                     Induced power of primary air source.

SS                    Cross section area of the annular slot, (primary air source).

US                    Air velocity dispensed from the slot.

uyn                  Mean air velocity over an undefined area.

P1                 Power to sustain lift element FL1.

P2                    Power to sustain lift element FL2.

PL                     Power dissipated through other means other than sustaining lift.

Special terms used;

CFD                Computational fluid dynamic, a computational facility for the partial solution of Navier Stokes equations.

CV                  Controlled volume, an experimental enclosure.

Meshing        A CFD technique employed to solve iterative differential equations.

Model             A CFD representation of the object around which airflow is to be analysed.

Enclosing volume.         A CFD technique establishing spatial limits to the computation.

Closing surface A CFD technique to enable boundary conditions to be set.

Results plane      A CFD technique to enable the visualisation of analysis results.

.sat                          A file format commonly used in the transfer of files between computational systems.

Induced power    The power produced by the primary air flow source.

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